Used Equipment & Rentals

By April 27, 2017

Used Equipment & Rentals


We offer straight rentals as well as rent to own with a generous amount of the rent applied to the purchase price. You can also own a quality Sandvik used drill and still finance it through Sandvik Customer Finance LLC. We can also arrange other financial solutions for your purchase.

Following is a selection of used drill equipment we presently have for sale or rental.

Sandvik DP1500i Surface Top Hammer Drill

Sandvik DP1500i is intelligent, self-propelled, self-contained, crawler based surface drilling rig equipped with a cabin and a rod changer.

DP1500i with practical intelligence fits perfectly for production drilling in large quarries or open pit mines and construction work sites. It suits well also for wall control and development works. To customize the rig it can be equipped with a variety of options to meet special requirements.


Sandvik DX800 Surface Top Hammer Drill

Sandvik DX800 is a hydraulic, self-propelled, self-contained, crawler based surface drilling rig equipped with a cabin (F.O.P.S. and R.O.P.S.) and rod handling system.

Typical applications for DX800 are road cutting, pipe-line drilling and foundation drilling, as well as production drilling in medium size quarries. Therefore DX800 is most often used by construction contractors, mines and quarries, and also included in the equipment fleet of rental houses as well.


Soilmec SM-4 Microdrilling Machine

SM-4 is a new drilling machine featuring a separate power pack and the same movements of its larger sister, the SM-5. It has two different engine sizes available: 115 kW and 110 kW respectively (diesel and electrical).

Among the many options the most interesting one is certainly the LHR kit (Low Head Room) suitable for 600 mm diameters auger drilling, with cased pilot hole.


Soilmec SM-14 Microdrilling Machine

Soilmec SM-14 is a multipurpose drilling rig. Its modular design is engineered for the execution of: Micropiles, Tie-backs, Jet-grouting, Drain, Water wells.
The rig is fitted with proportional, hydraulic servo-assisted controls that make the operations smooth. Featured with Load Sensing System, it has lower running costs and a reduced wear and tear on components.

Soilmec SM-14 versatility unit that can be tailored to any customer need or geological conditions. Available with a wide range of rotary heads ranging from 800 daNm to 2500 daNm (special attachment for each HR are available).


Soilmec SM-22 Microdrilling Machine

The new SM-22 is an evolution of the historic PSM-1350 and SM-20 models and have been completely redesigned to ensure high efficiency and productivity levels on site together with the highest safety standards.

The new SM-22 can be easily configured in different single rotary fittings, double rotary, top-hammer and vibro-rotary to carry out consolidation, micropiles and anchors with different drilling technologies, direct circulation, reverse circulation, DTH, CFA, jet grouting.

The rig is powered by a Diesel unit that allows to satisfy the standards need in all the markets (both Tier3 and Tier4f are available), while ensuring at the same time a low environmental impact due to reduced noise, consumption and emissions.


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