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Product Description

DC560 is a robust drill in construction and therefore very well suited for work in demanding terrain. Design ensures reliable operation, easy trouble shooting and simple service and maintenance procedures. The optional feedpercussion follow-up in control system ensures maximum penetration rates and rock tool service life in all rock conditions. The cooling system on DC560 is designed for wide temperature range, from the extreme cold in the North to the heat of deserts.

DC560 Details
Hole Diameter 51 – 89 mm (2” – 3½”)
Rock Tools 32, 38 or 45 mm
1¼”, 1½” or 1¾
Rock Drill 15,5 kW
Engine Output 151 kW
Flushing Air 5,5 m3/min, up to 10 bar
Production Capacity 800 – 1850 m3/8h
Total Weight 12 300 kg
Width 2 500 mm
Height 2 900 mm
Total length 9 200 mm


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