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No matter what type of carrier you’re using, Tramac has the most efficient drill for your application. Both types feature advanced Montabert drifter technology.

Hydraulic Breakers

There’s a Tramac breaker for every application and every carrier.
What you get with a Tramac:

  • Excellent power-to-weight ratio – lighter breakers that require lighter, less costly carriers but produce the same output as competitors’ heavier models.
  • Slim, tapered profile for improved work area visibility and easier maneuvering in trenches and tight spaces.
  • Unique tall, narrow piston that generates more productive shockwaves.
  • Fully hydraulic principle of operation – the entire piston cycle is powered hydraulically.
  • Sealed accumulator that prevents nitrogen leakage; guaranteed for one full year – the longest charge life in the industry.
  • “Soft Start” feature allowing the operator to start in a low-impact mode, to establish a niche in hard material–prevents tool slippage, reducing equipment wear and increasing productivity.
  • Metro-Silenced versions available for most models – ideal for noise-sensitive work sites.
  • High resale value.

Three weight ranges to suit every situation:

  • Light Range (for skid steer loaders, loader backhoes, and mini excavators from 1,400 to 30,000 lbs.)
  • Medium Range (for large loader backhoes and mid size excavators from 14,000 to 56,000 lbs.)
  • Heavy Range (for medium to large excavators from 40,000 to 166,000 lbs.)

Recycling Equipment

Rotational Grapples
Power rotation combines with a super-strong steel box frame design in Tramac’s new DRG Sorting Grapples series, making these the ideal handling tools for tough demolition and sorting/recycling jobs.

Applications: Demolition of concrete structures, handling and sorting of heavy debris for recycling or removal.

Carrier: Designed for carriers from 22,000 to 110,000 lbs.

Hydraulic Magnets
Application: The TMAG range of self-contained, “no-install” hydraulic magnets cleans and separates iron and steel from waste concrete and other demolition debris. It is ideal for scrap yard and recycling applications.

Carrier: See “Weight” Specification below.

Mounting is simple and quick, using a chain or quick-coupling plate directly to the carrier boom with hydraulic quick couplings. Oil flow and pressure limiter valves permit mounting on every machine.

Bucket Crushers
Tramac’s Bucket Crushers offer a new approach to processing and recycling stone, asphalt and concrete debris on-site. These tough buckets can eliminate the expense of separate crushing and handling equipment, and make costly dumping and transport unnecessary. An electromagnetic iron-separating magnet is optional, and easily installed on-site. In 2007, the TBC Bucket Crusher received several prestigious international awards for its innovative design and job site cost savings.

Applications: Collecting, crushing, and handling stone, concrete, and asphalt debris at demolition/construction sites, quarries and mines for on-site recycling or removal.

Carrier: Designed for carriers weighing 26,400 lbs. and over.


CPA Excavator Mounted Rock Drills
With Tramac rock drill attachments, your excavator can be used for drilling as well as loading, trenching and demolishing.
Applications: Pipeline trenching, utility work, anchoring and rock bolting, rough terrain construction and long reach work.

Advantages: Fast and easy travel on any surface, large drilling coverage area, long boom reach and comfortable cabin.

All mechanical and hydraulic connections are supplied as a kit designed to fit your specific excava tor.

The Tramac CFL pneumatic drills are known for high performance. This machine can perform many single air drilling of rock and concrete, on construction sites, in mines and tunnels. CFL Series is an alternative solution for high production work, saving both time and money. It is light and compact, allowing easy access to the most remote locations.

Application: Rapid hole-drilling in rock or concrete

Carrier: Designed to fit mini-excavators or its own wagon-style undercarriage.

Can be mounted on mini-excavators or can be supplied with its own two-wheeled undercarriage, both requiring a single operator

Rotary Cutting Heads

Tramac’s TCH series of high-production, low-noise rotating double-drum rock cutting attachments are an alternate approach to concrete demolition and controlled excavation. They are particularly useful on sites where noise and vibration levels must be minimized. Application: Precise excavation of soft to medium-hard rock and concrete in trenching, scaling and tunneling operations. Carrier: Designed for carriers from 3,300 to 100,000 lbs.

Silent Demolition Equipment

Tramac’s silent demolition attachments offer the advanced design, adaptability and super-tough construction needed for the broad spectrum of demolition jobs in the industry today.

On-site crushing and pulverizing of concrete, steel shearing, and cutting and separation of rebar … all are handled with speed, strength, and energy-efficiency by our range of demolition tools.

MPR Series Demolition Multiprocessor the cutting edge of demolition
Tramac’s new range of 360° hydraulic-rotational, compact-size processors with a full range of quickly interchangeable jaws that demolish and process reinforced concrete structures and steel beams and sheets for recycling. Does the whole job with one attachment, with speed and power to spare!

PFH Series Demolition Shears
New heavy-duty shielding protexts cylinder rod. Superior for cracking and shearing heavily reinforced concrete beams and panels–ideal for a wide range of jobs.

PBH Series Crusher/Pulverizer
New speed valve creates faster cycle time. The valve develops a jaw closing time of 0.9 seconds, dramatically increasing production. Designed for rapid, complete on-site processing of concrete masses. The range of models can handle thicknesses from 24″ to 36″ in one operation–and then shear and bundle rebar for disposal.

BB Mechanical Pulverizer
Featuring the highest power-to-weight ratio on the market today! Uniquely designed and configured jaws and teeth crush concrete in two directions simultaneously. At the same time, rebar is separated and bundling compactly for removal.

Super Cosmo Magnetic Pulverizer
Highly productive concrete pulverizer with powerful built-in electro magnet: crush debris down to clean aggregate and gather 100% of rebar for recycling, all in one fast operation!


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