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By mai 3, 2017

Équipements et locations d'occasion


Nous offrons la simple location ainsi que la location avec option d’achat offrant une portion généreuse du montant de la location applicable sur le prix d’achat. Vous pouvez aussi utiliser une perforatrice hydraulique de qualité Sandvik tout en la finançant auprès de Sandvik Customer Finance LLC. Nous sommes aussi en mesure d’organiser d’autres solutions pour le financement de votre achat.

Voici une sélection d’équipement usagé disponible présentement pour la vente ou la location :

MDT 230B Multipurpose Drill

The MDT 230 B drilling rig model is positioned in the average-big size segment of multipurpose drilling rigs. Excellent qualities in terms of maneuverability, reliability and productivity, even if used in extremely diffi cult conditions, – all this thanks to the adoption of many innovative technical solutions and precise dimensioning of all the elements of the structure.

Active and passive safety devices always guarantee the most safe working conditions to the operator and other rig personnel. The design options planned for MDT 230 B consider recurrent construction site’s necessities, for to be able to carry out different works by the same equipment.

It is possible to accomplish coring operations, micropiles, tie rods and consolidation job, with the jet grouting technique as well.


MDT 180 B Multipurpose Drill

MDT 180 B is in the middle segment of multidirectional drill rigs, it is designed especially for heavy job-site works and is characterized by excellent maneuverability, reliability and high productivity level – all this thanks to adoption of many innovative technical solutions.

Active and passive safety devises were foreseen at the design stage to ensure maximum safety to the operator and other rig personnel. Design choices foreseen for la MDT 180 B were made in view of the necessities of the job site, to make possible carrying out different types of work using the same machinery.

Therefore, using this drill rig it is possible to carry out drilling works like consolidated piles through jet grouting consolidation method, micropiles, anchors and consolidation tie rods.


Sandvik DP1500i Surface Top Hammer Drill

Sandvik DP1500i is intelligent, self-propelled, self-contained, crawler based surface drilling rig equipped with a cabin and a rod changer.

DP1500i with practical intelligence fits perfectly for production drilling in large quarries or open pit mines and construction work sites. It suits well also for wall control and development works. To customize the rig it can be equipped with a variety of options to meet special requirements.


Sandvik DX800 Surface Top Hammer Drill

Sandvik DX800 is a hydraulic, self-propelled, self-contained, crawler based surface drilling rig equipped with a cabin (F.O.P.S. and R.O.P.S.) and rod handling system.

Typical applications for DX800 are road cutting, pipe-line drilling and foundation drilling, as well as production drilling in medium size quarries. Therefore DX800 is most often used by construction contractors, mines and quarries, and also included in the equipment fleet of rental houses as well.


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