Trimmer DQ100

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Product Description

Sandvik DQ100 is hydraulically operated linedrilling rig for primary and secondary drilling in dimensional stone quarries.
With the help of tilt cylinder it is easy and fast to drill any holes in 90-degree arch. Additional 400 mm (16”) zoom cylinder in main frame makes the line alignment fast and accurate.
DQ100 can be changed easily as selfcontained drilling unit with optional DC120 based carrier

Features and benefits:

  • Robust structure.
  • Complete drilling unit.
  • Excellent drill meters per shift.
DQ100 Details
Hole Diameter 27-40 mm (1 1/16-1 9/16in)
Drill rod / tube diameter 22 mm (7/8in)
Hydraulic rock drill       HEX 1, 5.5 kW (7.37 hp)
Frame length 4600 mm (181 in)
Drilling length 4200 mm (165.4 in)
Chain feed CF100x40
Control system TA 132-S
Transport Length 5.36 m (17.6 ft)
Transport Width 4.54 m (1490 ft)
Transport Height 3.21 m (10.53 ft)
Weight 2060 kg (4542 lbs)


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